Quality Assurance

Approved Provider

DisabilityCare Australia
We are a registered provider and have agreed to comply with DisabilityCare Australia terms of business as well as all laws applicable to the provision of support.

These include National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, National Disability Insurance Scheme (Registered Provider of Supports) Rules 2013 and workplace health and safety, criminal and industrial relations laws.

DisabilityCare Australia Provider Registration Number 41274507.

Home Care Service of NSW
Accuro Homecare have been tendered to provide services for the Home Care Service of NSW. For further details on the Home Care Service of NSW tender click here.

Strict compliance is in place for the tender to ensure quality of care, workplace health and safety management systems, financial viability and ongoing planning and evaluation is in place.

Brokerage Agreements
Accuro Homecare currently have brokerage agreements in place with over twenty government funded community care organisations.

Compliance for these agreements must be aligned with the Community Care Common Standards to be able to provide services.

Principles and Standards

Accuro Homecare consistently plan, monitor and evaluate our quality against the following principles and standards.

  • Home and Community Care National Services Standards
  • Principles of Disability Services
  • Disability Service Standards
  • The Statement for Australia‚Äôs Carers

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